Melksham Comicon

Well, what can i say? Melksham Comicon was amazing!!!!

The whole event was not only fun and gratifying, but also well organised and made me feel like a celebrity rather than an indie newbie :)

It was a busy couple of days, where i managed to talk to and see some amazing people. Thanks to all that purchased, or even took a nose at, the first issue of Descending Outlands. Almost sold out of the first print run. Geeze!!!

It was also a pleasure to share the experience of my first official con as a creator, with my broheem Vincent Hunt. (Creator of The Red Mask From Mars - not read it? Do so NOW!). It was also good to catch up with old friends and watch the master that is Jon Lock, dance :)

It has given me the bug and so look out for plenty of Con appearances form me next year. Next off is Thought Bubble in Leeds on 14th November :)

Also got some coolio sketches draw from the amazingly talented Dani Abram and Ian Matthews. Be sure to check out their comics Worry Wart and Razor Hawk!

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