Finished The Red Mask From Mars

Finished The Red Mask From Mars

Its taken longer than i would have liked but i have finally finished and handed over The Red Mask From Mars.

If you have not heard of this then go check out more information at www.theredmaskfrommars.com where you can also download a free origin story.

Created by Vincent Hunt, The Red Mask From Mars is a comic about the UK's newest and snazziest xenomorph-punching hero.

A former astronaut with an alien now permanently strapped to his face, Doug Stewart gains incredible power and invulnerabilty. Backed up by a shadowy organization and a motley crue team of agents who try to curb his kamikaze actions, they defend the world from alien menaces of all shapes and sizes. The explosive debut issue launches at Bristol Expo.

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Outré press - hopelessness

Its been a VERY busy weekend of colouring. So much so i have actually been having nightmares about it. Found myself cold in the night and instead of pulling the covers over me for warmth, i was actually colouring my self in warmer tone.....but i digress.

As normal i love to juggle different project. Besides my own, and the previously mentioned Red Mask from Mars, i am also helping some great guys out from Outré press. They bring together artists, writers, colourists and letterers from around the world and to create great pieces of work. This installment, called hopelessness, finds myself on board as the colourist for the story "Surviving the collide".

Hopefully this will be completed by christmas, but in the meantime here is a teaser.

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The Red Mask From Mars

The Red Mask From Mars

We i am excited to announce that i am currently colouring the amazing work of my brethren Vincent Hunt, or as many of you out there know him, Jester Diablo.

A talented artist, indeed, but also a great writer, Vince has spent the better part of the year creating and honing a unique comic experience called the Red Mask From Mars. The result is a feast for the eyes, mind, and funny bone.

I will no doubt give more details, and probably a bias review, when it is officially launched, but in the meantime i have the pleasure of colouring the issue 1.

To wet your whistle, you can download the origin issue for free by following this link : http://www.theredmaskfrommars.com/The_Red_Mask_From_Mars_Origin.pdf




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The Heavenly Chord

If you haven't heard about the masterpieces that are Afterlife Inc (By Jon Lock) or 7String (By Nich Angell) then you are a fool! Yep i said it......FOOL!!!!!

In fact if you have not then what are you still doing here. I demand that you stop what you are doing and go read them NOW!

Now that you have read them both you will understand the excitement how The Heavenly Chord. A merger of minds, talent, and universes in a why not really seen in independent comics.

I will not be able to explain this as well as they can and so i shall not try, but what i will do is say that i have read it, i have lived it, and i find it...hmmmmm....gooooood!


We had the pleasure of not only catching up with the fine fellows at Melksham Comiccon, where it was being officially launched, but also to present them with two pieces of artwork. Drawn by the great Jest Diablo and coloured by myself. Go check them out in the portfolio.

Afterlife Inc. vs. 7STRING... let battle commence!

It’s the crossover event of the century as the worlds of Afterlife Inc. and Nich Angell’s 7STRING collide in THE HEAVENLY CHORD, an explosion of life, death, music and mayhem never before seen on the indie comics stage. The mad composer Requiem seeks to complete his masterpiece, with the entire multiverse as his captive audience. Only one obstacle stands in his way. Just what is THE HEAVENLY CHORD and to what ends will Requiem go to retrieve it? Thankfully, Afterlife Inc.’s newest consultant, Zachary Briarpatch, is on hand to advise…

And with the fate of all worlds in the balance, it’s a good thing he’s bringing the noise…


Latest Gutter Town Colours

Well it has been a while since i've actually posted an update to what i've been up to. In all honest life has been quite busy, but a visit to the Awesome Melksham Comicon has given me all manner of enthusiasm and ideas.

Although current on the back burner, i thought i would post the final colours i did for the gutter town comic. Believe that the art is being redone so doubt these will see the light of day, but thought it fun to post.

Will place a few pages in the portfolio for you lot to nose at.

Got a lot of ideas brewing so check back soon.

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Gutter Town Update

Gutter Town Update

I have been working hard on the initial 5 page submission of Gutter Town by the awesome Darker Sho and Dragon Vignjevic.

I have added the about to the portfolio if you want a proper look, but afraid you will have to wait to see the finished article as we have decided to go for the whole shebang and create the whole issue. Fun fun fun.

Keep your eyes peeled and i will place more updates on here, also of course check out http://darkerandjune.wordpress.com/comic-books/gutter-town/

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Gutter Town

From the mind of Darker Sho and the hand of Dragon Vignjevic

Gutter Town

Well i have signed on to do the colour for an awesome comic by the name of Gutter Town. Written and lettered by Darker Sho, with artwork by the talented Dragon Vignjevic, this looks to be a very original and entertaining piece of work.

Here the low down :

From the twisted mind that brought you RUIN, Darker Sho presents: “Gutter Town: Runnin’ with the Devil.”  When lowbrow con-man Ryder’s dirty deeds catch up to him, his past is more than he and his new wife Adora bargained for. The Hardin gang tracks Ryder down to settle an old debt just as he’s starting his new life. After an unforeseeable tragedy, Ryder finds himself in Hell at the start of a very long sentence of misdoing.  Enraged and desperate to settle the score, he strikes up a deal with the devil to hunt down demons that have escaped the underworld and return them in exchange for revenge against the Hardins and the release of Adora’s soul, entrapped by the Devil himself.


Here's sneak peak at the page i'm currently working on


On here's a finished one with lettering....very excited.

Check back for more updates, or check out http://darkerandjune.wordpress.com/comic-books/gutter-town/

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

So yes, it is that time of year again where i celebrate the fact that i have not been strung up my angry townsfolk with burning torches or abducted by little furry aliens with large testicular probes.

Its my Birthday :)

Not only does my birthday consist of watching the awesome Iron Man 3 (will it top the Avengers from last year?), but i also received this great piece of artwork from the main man JD. Cheers Dude, love it.

Oh and in case you have not done so, check out his blog!!!!



Marvel Mad!

Marvel Mad!

More finds in the back of my hard disk. This was a great little piece i coloured from one of Joe Madureira. I have decided i really must grab some more of his line art as love colouring his style.

Would be interesting to see what i would come out like these days.

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Creepy JD

Creepy JD

Found this piece, which was a quick concept idea for one of Jester Diablos many creative ventures.

Not the most detailed from me, but it has a strange charm i like, plus always a fan of JD's artwork.

Check him out at http://jesterdiablo.blogspot.co.uk/

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More from the archives

More from the archives

Whilst digging through the archives on my many hard disks i found this little gem. It was from an indie comic called Ripped, who at the time were looking for a colourist.

I came up with this.

They ended up going with another colourist, but i still love the way this turned out so was not too bothered. Also looking at the other artist rendition showed me that they got the right man for the job on that one.

Hope you like....there's more in the portfolio.

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Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Now that i have put together this site, its time to place some work on it for the world to see. As i have been out of action lately on the colouring front i thought i would place some of my earlier work up here.

While doing so i found this awesome little colour job on the artwork of J Axer. Have a proper look in the portfolio.

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Open for business!!!!!

Open for business!!!!!

Well i have finally found time to build a little site to use as my portfolio. Not the most amazing site in the world but think it does the job well of being simple a nice, without taking away the impact of its focus....My colour and other artwork.

So what have you stumbled on here then, hey? With a passion for all things creative and geeky i naturally grew up wanting to create comics. Its no secret that i am not the best illustrator in the world, but have a good eye for design, and am computer savi. Growing up with an amazing writer and an even more amazing artist, i naturally focused on outing the finishing touches on their work....colouring and lettering.

Over the years i have worked on a variety of pieces, each time changing my style and honing my talent to try and improve it.

This site is a my portfolio. My showcase of work for people to view, critique and enjoy. Hopefully you will like and fell free to comment, although constructive criticism is more appreciated than simply "its crap" :)



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